Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is E-Mail Archiving Important?

Email has become the accepted form of communication in business. Market researcher, Gartner Group, conducted a study and found that almost 97% of all business communication was via email. Another survey by Osterman Research found that 79% of all businesses now accept emails as written confirmation of approvals or orders. This means that emails form part of companies' records and must be stored for the same time period that written records would be stored for. In fact, up to 83% of a business's critical data can be found in its email. 

The primary function of  archiving is to extract message contents and attachments from incoming and outgoing emails. It indexes them and stores them in a read-only format, which ensures that they are recorded and maintained in their original state.

One of the benefits of archiving emails is that it creates more space on the mail server. Emails are stored in a compressed format, on a local hard drive which saves a huge amount of disk space for users, not to mention keeps your email program running smoothly.  Developing an archiving standard operating procedure (SOP) can make accessing the information a much easier task than it would ordinarily be.

A business's email system serves as a repository for industry knowledge and email archiving is of considerable importance to the modern business environment.  Archiving allows you to store emails in their original form, in a manner that can't be tampered with.  Developing a SOP that outlines the archiving procedure and retrieval process should be created so that you can retrieve emails easily.

So is email archiving important?  Absolutely!!  

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