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Through the Keyhole - January 2015

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Through the Keyhole

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Welcome 2015
Another year has come and gone and it feels like it went by so fast.  I have heard from everyone I know that each year seems to go by faster and faster.  How depressing.  I want to savor the moments and make new memories every day.  Not just with my kids and family but with my friends (all two of them), my 'TURNkey family' and all of my great customers (and some of the bad ones too).

You know that expression, "stop and smell the roses"?  The expression represents the idea of taking moments and savoring them. Put them in your minds' eye and keep them there where you can draw upon them when the days may be long and dark.  January is a new year and a time to make resolutions and break them. 

My wish for everyone this New Year is to make memories.  It may sound trite to live, laugh, and love but it surely cannot hurt.  So there it is, my New Year's wish for you.  Now don't say I didn't say something nice at least once this year...


Last month's winner of the "guess the location" game was Dr. Crane who quickly quipped - Bora Bora of French Polynesia.. It seems that there may not be a corner of the earth that Dr. Crane has not seen.

And now for a new picture above- Can you guess where it is by looking through the keyhole? "The 'high line' pictured above is an example of repurposing in a great City.  Inspired by a similar project in Paris, this old railway elevated bed re-built in 1993 is located in a place you might find meatpackers (or used to find meatpackers). Although there are many great sights in this City, an obscure one with an obvious foreground just might be the easiest clue yet."

Correct answers will be given recognition but half the fun is trying to figure it out.  The correct answer will be revealed in the subsequent issue.  Good luck and have fun.

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Bora Bora- Keyhole Answer

key 3

"This major tourist destination is Far East from here with an extinct volcano and lush barrier reef. Some say that it is just plain boring. It is said that Emile De Becque may have lived here and the peaks could possibly have been be the basis for Bali Hai in South Pacific."

Society Islands, French Polynesia 

Many aquatic centric luxury resorts are located here, 143 miles northwest from Tahiti and is surrounded by a barrier reef.  In the center of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mt. Pahia and Mt. Otemanu.  The highest point is 2,385 feet and the population is nearly 9 thousand.  James Cook sighted the island in 1770 and the French took over in 1888.

During WWII the US chose Bora Bora as a South Pacific supply base, an oil depot, airstrip, seaplane base and defensive fortifications were constructed.  Known as Operation Bobcat, it maintained a supply force of 9 ships, 20,000 tons of equipment and nearly 7,000 men.  The island never saw combat and the base was officially closed in 1946. It has been said that this destination was the setting for Roger's and Hammerstein's South Pacific musical.  Bali Hai being the fabled island of two peaks which is the extinct volcano.

Today the Island of Bora Bora relies largely on tourism and because of this seven luxurious resorts were built over the past few years. Hotel Bora Bora was the first to build bungalows that stand over the water using stilts which are now a given of every resort on the island as these bungalows provide spectacular sights of lagoons and mountains.  The Four Seasons has been rated the number one hotel in this destination in 2014.

If you care to go there you must fly to Tahiti first and then take a literal puddle jumper to Bora Bora.  From Chicago, the flights are about 18 hours.

Bora Bora's St. Regis Resort was the scene where the movie 'Couples Retreat' was shot. It appeared on screen as the Eden Resort.

Bora Bora is one of the most secluded islands on the planet. To demonstrate this, the Island of Hawaii gets more visitors in 10 days than the whole of French Polynesia gets in a whole year.

Bora Bora has all this...but what really makes it a paradise is that there are no poisonous insects or snakes. You can sleep on the beach without risking a snake bite.

If you put a flower on your left year, it is an indication that you have someone special in your life. If on the other hand you put it on your right ear, it means you are looking and Bora Bora natives will spoil you with flirts.

Half of the population of Bora Bora is below 20 years. Expect to see many beautiful people enjoying the sun on the beaches.

The Island of Bora Bora is one of the best places on earth to honeymoon. With the seclusion found on the beaches, you can even consummate your marriage on the beach...yeah...it is that deserted.

Four Seasons Hotel (2011 video)






Real Tours of NYC

Let's face it, tours are only as good as their tour guides. A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of experiencing a tour that really knocked my socks off.  It was a private tour for my small group of 4 and a 7 hour journey through what felt like all of Manhattan.  From riding the subway to walking from Battery Park through the Financial District, Chinatown, SoHo, NoHo and finishing up in the meatpacking district...we sampled food (had a slice), learned so much about the City and had a blast!

Real New York Tours gives people the opportunity to see the city through the eyes of real New Yorkers. Real New York Tours explores the history, the cracks and crevices, the side streets, and culture of real New York City neighborhoods.

We rode the New York subway (and learned how to understand it), pounded the pavement, and met the people who have become the fabric of that great city.

You really get a feel for NYC and understand why the people there are so arrogant about their city...  Take a look and maybe the Big Apple might just surprise you.  I know it did me.

Just outside of PVR Airport


My wife took this picture.  Take a look at the name of the restaurant.  Only in Mexico...

What can I do with a staple remover...


12 Things you never knew about Home Alone


12. Kevin

Some directors just like to make extra certain that they’ve picked out the right star for their magnus opus-even when they think they’ve already found him. Chris Columbus actually wrote the part of Kevin McAllister specifically for Macauly Culkin-but that didn’t stop him auditioning over a hundred other little boys first to make sure he’d got the right fit. Talk about perfectionist….luckily for Culkin, he turned out to be just what the director was looking for and launched his career with this iconic chidren’s classic.

home-alone-house 2

8. The House

Chris Colmbus has a real thing for the Chicago suburbs-he’s set several of his movies there, and Home Alone is not an exception. The house, which actually exists and can be found at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winneteka, Illinois- is three stories high and spans over 4,000 feet-fancy! It sold for $1.5 million at a recent auction-although whether the booby traps were still in place by then remains to be seen. Listen for caper music and cartoon sound effects whenever you walk by.

Life Hack

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More Photo Bombs

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6th Grade Joke

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the stupid person.

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?

It's the chicken.

Microsoft is Killing Clip Art.

airwaves-clipart-people-clip-art-14 2

Back in the ‘90s, Clip Art took over Word and PowerPoint files thanks to the thousands of office workers and students who used the images as a way to "improve" their documents. These days there are a large number of free images available on the web, and Microsoft is recognizing this by killing off its Clip Art portal in recent versions Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. "The Office.com Clip Art and image library has closed shop," explains Microsoft’s Doug Thomas. "Usage of Office’s image library has been declining year-to-year as customers rely more on search engines."

Turns out that the Most Attractive People Live Where the Weather is Nice...

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No one is perfect. But according to Travel + Leisure readers, Miami residents come closest, ranking first in the America’s Favorite Places survey for being attractive. Each year, readers rank major metropolitan areas in dozens of categories, including craft beers, luxury shops, and lovely parks—as well as good-looking locals.

In the attractive category, this year’s survey results saw some shake-ups. Some of the hipster winners from last year have faded in the eyes of the T+L community, which favored cities with a tendency toward sunshine, smiling residents, and serious style.

One disqualifier, meanwhile, may be a weakness for team jerseys: the list of the 10 least attractive cities has an eerie overlap with the survey’s top 10 of enthusiastic sports fans.

Read on for the top 5 in both categories.

No. 1 Most Attractive: Miami

MotorCity.83123115_std 2

Motor City clearly did not wow voters with its looks, but it made an impression for its cool edge, ranking in the top 20 cities for hipsters. You can find them in the Midtown area, embracing the made-in-America aesthetic at shops like Shinola, known for its bicycles, watches, and leather goods. Detroit also won approval for its pizza, often served in a square shape, as at Buddy’s, a fixture at the corner of Conant and Six Mile roads.

No. 1 Least Attractive: Detroit


Incredible Technology TODAY (videos)

4 2
There's an app that translates in real time.

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And "Harry Potter" like billboards that seem to interact with their environment.  Pictured above you can see the woman's hair blows as the train approaches.

See these videos and many more here.

Who wants a Mimosa?

235 2
Alright. This might be the most refreshing cocktail to serve.  Recently, I was in a Nordstrom where I was handed one of these and then proceeded to buy half the store...

If you come to our office, we will gladly serve you one of these refreshers.

If you simply would like to buy them for yourself you can find them at Mariano's, Whole Foods or Walgreens.

Don't Cheat.

54654 2

A lot of things happen over the course of a football game, but revealing a stranger's infidelity isn't usually one of them. Yet that's exactly what happened to this guy. During the Lions-Bears game on Thanksgiving, this guy noticed the woman in front of him texting a person named "Jason" saying how much she wanted to be with him, except she was at the game with her husband. So he did what any rational person would do: Write the cheated-on husband a note.

Did we mention she was 8 months pregnant?

And here's what he posted later that night:

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More Clever Businesses

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Cilantro Shrimp (Camarones al cilantro)

298x2 2
8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
3 tbsp. mayonnaise
3 tbsp. finely chopped cilantro
1 pc. garlic clove
1 ½ pcs  serrano chili
2 pcs. lemons ( juice only )
1/4 cup milk
Salt to taste

1 lb. shrimp
1 tbsp. olive oil
3 tbsp. finely chopped onion

BLEND ingredients cilantro sauce and set aside.
SAUTE onion in a frying pan with olive oil and add the shrimp (not more than a couple minutes per side)
INCORPORATE cilantro sauce, stir and serve over pasta or rice

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