Friday, January 25, 2013

Intresting gadget!! - Introducing "Le Whaf"

Le Whaf

In a trend that has slowly been gaining steam over the years, new devices are able to deliver flavored vapor as a substitute for food or beverages. Sometimes advertised as a dietary aid, and sometimes replacing an energy drink as a shot of energy vapor, the “food mist” of the past hasn’t usually been very customizable. Now, with a kitchen gadget called the “Le Whaf”, the flavors of entire meals can be turned into vapor and then inhaled through a straw.

The contraption can waft either alcohol and other liquids, as well as meal substitutes. Wafting alcohol is simple enough — dump some alcohol into the wafting chamber, then turn the machine on. The same goes for wafting meals, but you have to buy special liquidized mixes for that. People that have used Le Whaf like to mention that the unit doesn’t really generate calories, because — you know — you’re not actually eating anything.

Billy Mays pitching vapor

David Edwards and Marc Bretillot, designers of Le Whaf, have actually put some interesting technology into the unit. Piezoelectric crystals sit at the base of Le Whaf, and when the liquid inside is at a specific level, they begin to vibrate. This vibration generates ultrasound waves, which cause the liquid to bubble and turn into vapor. Once the mist is created, Le Whaf can “pour” it into a glass, where it floats in the air for a minute or so before it sinks to the bottom.

Any liquid will work with the gadget, and the designers suggest trying out different homemade soups and juices. However, because Le Whaf only generates vapor, it’s obviously not a substitute for food, but rather serves a purpose similar to chewing gum. Also, it would be pretty fun to walk into a room, see an opaque mist, and just start tasting a steak.

Le Whaf has supposedly been a big hit in Europe, and the creators are hoping to bring it stateside sometime soon. If you’ve tried it, or any other food vapor products — such as those Vaportrim sticks or the Aeroshot energy inhalers — we’d love to know if they left you satiated in any way.

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